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Grandstand seat

GrandStand seat - product advantage

Product structure: structure, construction and convenient disassembly, can set the awning; joint structure is reasonable, easy operation, easy, product performance: the ability to undertake large, high structural strength, good stability, safe and reliable: structure standardization, convenient transportation and management:

Installation and construction: multi-functional combination of single row, double row, can be arranged in curves, interchangeable, modular splicing, flexible, do not need to use large installation machinery, two people can be installed.

Safe and durable: all metal parts are hot-dip galvanized, with strong toughness and endurance, seismic resistance, wind resistance, high temperature, low temperature, humidity, pH, applicable to any harsh environment:

Flexible use: the natural foundation type (sand, grass, ground cement etc.) in the slope and the uneven ground through the adjustable bottom support system of advanced flexible height adjustment: green environmental protection; dry construction, reduce noise and dust, all components are used in environmental protection, no pollution, can be completely recycled, small changes to the original landform.

GrandStand seats available for:

The ice rink, practice field, stadium, stadium car, horse racing arena etc.:

Business roadshow, major communities, international exhibitions, amusement parks and other places;

Stadiums, theatres, shops, hotels, schools, etc..

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